Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Weather Curse Continues!

Day 3... still have not made it to Lesvos because my flight this morning had to turn around due to high winds, heavy rains, and low clouds on the island. We were moved to the 7:30 PM flight, and after a sponge bath in a handicap restroom, a change of clothes, and some positive self-talk, I was ready to head to downtown Athens and see the sights! (I promise I am actually trying to help people and am not just on a eurotrip... but I might as well make the best of a bad situation).

I then took the metro into Athens and spent the day there (which cost 18 euros there and back and I bought the ticket but it was so easy to sneak on and off that train it is insane and I am pretty sure nobody pays for it. It was actually really easy to sneak onto the train in Zurich too but I paid for that one also so basically I am a huge sucker). I first walked through the botanical gardens that are right in the center of the city which was super cool. I also saw the temple of Zeus and Hadrian's arch and I got close to the Parthenon but it was closed because of the snow the day before. It is pretty cool that I got a bunch of pictures of the ruins in snow because it rarely happens there. It was nice and sunny all afternoon though and I went to the cafe in the Acropolis Museum and had some tea and read my book. So all in all, it was a very relaxing afternoon.

As close as I could get to the Parthenon

Still a great view though!

However, on my 7:30 PM flight, we had the same issues. We got all the way to Lesvos, tried to land, and then had to turn around. It definitely was scarier this time because in the first flight it was a total whiteout with the clouds so you never knew if you were close to the ground or not, but this second time, we were definitely close to the ground with no sign of an airport. It definitely rattled me. This was also a low point of the trip so far and resulted in a very dramatic email to my Mom, but now Aegean Airlines is putting me up in a hotel for the night and I finally got to take a proper shower and sleep in my bed and while I am writing this in my bathrobe I am feeling ready to take on the flight again tomorrow! (Also I did write them a strongly worded email about how shitty the service has been and hopefully I can foray this into some free miles or something in the future – more details to come)

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