Monday, January 9, 2017

Snow in Athens

First it rained while I was in L.A., now it is snowing in Athens for the first time in ten years (according to the woman sitting next to me on the plane). I officially am a weather curse. It is 1:38 and I am sitting on the floor of the check-in lobby of the Athens International Airport, waiting for my flight that leaves at 7AM. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I booked these flights, since I flew a red-eye to Zurich last night and then another late-night flight to Athens tonight but I guess this is what happens when I am allowed to make my own travel registrations unsupervised. All I can say is thank the lord I am traveling by myself because I would feel really bad if I dragged someone along with me. I'm going to try to get some sleep in the terminal so when I arrive on the island around 8 I will actually be awake enough to be helpful/present and not just a zombie. With this cold weather there may not be a lot of people trying to make the crossing right now, or people are still coming despite the weather and they will need lots of hel. As the theme of the blog has been so far, I have no clue what I am getting myself into. But, at this point I have come so far that I am showing up no matter what!

Since I got into Zurich in the early afternoon and my flight to Athens didn't leave until around 9, I took the train downtown and spent the afternoon exploring the city. First of all, this place is a fairy tale land. It looks like an old German town that sits in a valley on the edge of a lake, but it is filled with incredible modern amenities including these really quiet and really fast streetcars that carry people all over the city (Or the airport, which is honestly the cleanest and most beautiful airport I have ever been in). I got out of the train station right on the edge of the river that flows to the lake, and right after finding a Starbucks with wifi to let my Mom know I landed, I wandered down along the river to a big church called Grossmünster. Again, it had very medieval, dark, Germanic vibes to it, but for four Swiss Francs I took the stairs up to the top of the bell tower and got a great view of the city and the lake. I even went over to the art museum and checked out Rodin's "Gates of Hell" before heading back to the train station. All in all, it was a really cool day but Zurich is a tough city to spend a lot of time in because everything is really expensive (think $7 Starbucks coffees). Glad I got to spend some time there though and would love to stay there someday to see what it's like in the summer or around Christmastime!

View of Zurich from a footbridge over the river

Statue of Charlemagne in the crypt of
Grossmünster – legend has it that he founded
the first church in Zurich
^^^The original version of the
"Single Ladies" dance

View from the top of Grossmünster

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