Sunday, January 8, 2017

Heading Out

I'm sitting in Terminal E of Logan. It's crowded and my flight is delayed, but this gives me time to write this post and think a little bit about what I want this blog to be. (Holy crap this is post #1 and I already feel like a girl from a TeenNick) Anyways, I want this to be a space where I can share the experiences of traveling, experiencing new cultures, and working with people from around the world. I cannot promise anything about the content since I don't exactly know what I will be doing once I get off the plane in Lesvos, but whether my experience is harrowing or calm, fascinating or boring, unbelievable or predictable, I will be sharing my thoughts here for anyone who is interesting in following along!

As I wait for my flight, I am looking forward to getting off the ground, but I have to admit that I am a little bit nervous. I have that feeling in my stomach that you get when you're going up a roller coaster and you realize that you didn't have to get on the roller coaster and buckle yourself into the seatbelt, but now you're stuck with that choice and you're headed wherever this car will take you. I'm not saying that I regret my decision, but I am recognizing the gravity of it in the sense that I could have spent the week at home writing my thesis and hanging out. That means that anything that happens to me in the next seven days is my choice, for better or worse (hopefully better).

This also leads me to a lot of questions: I made the choice to travel to Greece, but why? Nobody is making me go and most people in my life are nervous about this trip rather than forcing me to do this. So why do I want to? Do I feel like I can make a difference big enough to warrant a trip halfway around the world? Or is the trip around the world part of it? Do I think this will change my outlook on my life now or my plans for the future? Do I feel like I have a duty to help these people? Am I just doing this for attention and admiration? For most of these questions, I have no answers. What I am trusting is a sense of intuition that inspired me to reach out to this organization, find funding and make this trip happen. A natural excitement inside of me is driving the big risk that I am taking and I hope that it will open my eyes and hopefully open doors to more inspiring work that I can do in the future. The more I think about this, the more I realize how lucky I am to be passionate about an issue and have the capability to make a difference in a meaningful way. While this trip is only six days, I am hopeful that it can be a experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I am approaching this trip with an open mind. It can only bring me closer to understanding who I am, what I want, and how to move forward with the next phase of my life.


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  2. Looking forward to hearing about what you do and see and learn this week, Bennett. I think it's great you're doing this:). Good luck and hope all goes well!